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The first 14-hour wearable 
EEG and biometric device


Wearable, Wireless, Discrete

The only research-grade device for short and long term high-volume studies, including:

• Sleep

• Clinical

• Research

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Large-scale EEG analysis is impractical, requiring expensive equipment, hands-on technical support, and signal analysis by a trained EEG professional. This cumbersome, expensive process limits use of EEG in routine patient care, home monitoring, and large-scale research trials. Medical professionals and researchers are forced to rely on expensive EEG devices not appropriate for full-day monitoring, generic EEG analysis software requiring review by an EEG expert, and non-automated diagnostic software designed primarily for research.

The PatchWare Ecosystem addresses large-scale routine EEG analysis with CGX-grade signal in an affordable self-donning device.


Patch™ Device Overview

Button contains all
electronics and battery

Disposable hydrogel
Electrode snaps to carrier,
sticks to forehead

Reusable amplifier/Bluetooth button that communicates with an iOS device and/or downloads files to a PC

Soft carrier conforms to the forehead

Interested in learning how The Patch™ may benefit your research project or patients? Schedule a call with a representative to learn more.

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