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Shipping Summer 2024

Simplify EEG — Amplify Insights​

  • Research-grade 2-Channel EEG

  • True Plug-and-Play setup

  • Record up to 20h on a single charge

  • SD card or Bluetooth

  • Disposable HydroFlex electrodes

Priced at $750
HydroFlex Electrodes $5 each
Patch CU Silo_edited.png

The CGX Patch EEG© supercharges your EEG data collection.


Collect high quality EEG data from the prefrontal cortex anywhere, anytime, and from any subject. Full raw data access and validated data processing plug-ins for maximum flexibility.


Reliable self-setup delivers high quality data from untrained subjects. Elegant design allows real-world monitoring of prefrontal cortex activity. Inclusive design ensures equitable access for all, regardless of race, gender, hair style, or age. Free raw data access without a paywall. Affordable software Plug-Ins provide application specific solutions.

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